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Date: 2020-09-16

Meetings and banquets

The hotel has several fully intelligent conference halls of different sizes and styles, which can meet the needs of various forms of meetings at the same time. Equipped with complete and advanced conference service facilities, flexible space composition, and professional and thoughtful customer service team, the software and hardware ensure the efficient and smooth progress of the conference.

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Chinese Banquet Hall
The Hua Banquet Hall has a total area of 550 square meters, equipped with new lighting, sound and complete banquet facilities to meet the needs of wedding banquets, birthday banquets, full moon banquets, reunion banquets, business receptions and other activities, and can accommodate 500 people for dining at the same time. With meticulous and professional event planning and experienced preparatory staff, Huayan Restaurant can meet all your needs!

Bauhinia Room

The Bauhinia Hall has a total area of 200 square meters and is equipped with audio-visual lighting equipment and sound systems for conferences. It is an ideal choice for holding corporate annual meetings, large-scale conferences, press conferences, exhibitions, business celebrations and various seminars.

Area: 200M2 Capacity: 180 people

Position: Level 24

Olive Room

With a total area of 100 square meters and complete infrastructure, the Olive Hall is the best meeting place for corporate training.

Area: 100M2 Capacity: 90 people

Position: Level 24

VIP Room

The VIP room has a total area of 50 square meters, with a simple and generous design, providing VIP guests with complete facilities and equipment to ensure the successful and efficient development of the conference.

Area: 50M2 Capacity: 30 people

Position: Level 24